History of Woodbury Lodge # 539

Lodge History


On August 19, 1875 Woodbury Lodge No. 539 A.Y.M. was constituted in the room of COVE LODGE No. 368 I.O.O.F. at Woodbury, Pennsylvania.

There were 12 Warrant Members with Brother John I. Noble being installed at the first Worshipful Master. The Warrant Members included Worshipful Master Noble, John Grove, William H. Clouse, D. F. Keagy, Abram Beckhoefer, John G. Ake, Charles Long, George B. Daugherty, C. W. Allen, John W. Cleaver, Jacob Breneman and John S. Hetrick. 

It was during the stated meeting of November 18, 1875, that a set of by-laws for the Lodge was adopted. Also, at that time the first new member was voted into membership.

On October 27, 1887, the members decided to move the location of the Lodge to 

Roaring Spring,  PA. However, it was not until the meeting of December 27, 1887, that permission was received from Grand Lodge to move at once to Roaring Spring.

The first meeting held in Roaring Spring, PA was on December 29, 1887. The location for the Lodge meeting was in the local I.O.O.F. Hall.

On July 24, 1888, for the first time, the Right Worshipful Grand Master visited Woodbury Lodge.

On January 31, 1908, a special meeting was held to dedicate the new lodge room located in the Mock Building on Cemetery Avenue, opposite the public school building.

The Lodge celebrated its 60th Anniversary on June 20, 1935. For the second time in its history, a visitation was made by the Right Worshipful Grand Master and his staff. At that time, Clyde O. Black was Worshipful Master.

Members of Woodbury Lodge served their country with honor during World War I, 

1917 to 1918, and World War II, 1941 to 1945 and all subsequent actions to date, while those at home supported the Masonic service funds.

In February, 1948, for the first time in the history of the Lodge, two of its appointed officers were selected as part of the group from Altoona School of Instruction, to exemplify degree work before the Grand Lodge in Philadelphia. The two officers were Brothers Harvey S. Hamm and Eugene L. Garber.

The Lodge celebrated its 75th Anniversary on November 15, 1950, when for the third time in its history; it was honored by a visit of the Right Worshipful Grand Master and his staff. Worshipful Master at that time was Brother Eugene L. Garber.

On October 5, 1951, the Lodge dedicated the spacious meeting rooms located on the top floor of the Mingle Variety Store Building at 409 Main   Street. Brother Clarence Hoover was Worshipful Master at the time.

Another honor was bestowed on the Lodge on December 27, 1961, when Brother Theodore R. Bolger, a member and Past Master, was appointed District Deputy Grand Master for the 20th Masonic District by Brother W. LeRoy McKinley, Right Worshipful Grand Master and served under six R.W. Grand Masters for a period of eleven years.

On September 18, 1965, Woodbury Lodge held an extra meeting in the Masonic Temple at Elizabethtown, PA. Brother Benjamin F. Ayers, Worshipful Master presided. 

Disaster struck Woodbury Lodge on Wednesday, July 18, 1973, at about 4:00 A.M. when our lodge hall was completely destroyed by fire. The first step toward the future of Woodbury Lodge was taken when an emergency meeting of the members was held at the Roaring Spring United Church of Christ on July 23, 1973. At that meeting, important matters concerning the Lodge were discussed and a committee was appointed to find a temporary meeting place.

On August 21, 1973, Brother W. Orville Kimmel, Right Worshipful Grand Master, authorized Woodbury Lodge to meet in the Masonic Hall at Hollidaysburg, PA.

A new organization came into existence on December 20, 1973, when the members of Woodbury Lodge created the Woodbury Lodge Temple Association by electing a board of directors under the by-laws approved by Grand Lodge.

On January 14, 1974, the Woodbury Lodge Temple Association held its first meeting. The prime purpose of the Association is to build a new Masonic Home for the Lodge. Brother Clare S. Kauffman, Past Master, offered to donate sufficient land on which to build the Temple. This land is located along Nason drive in Roaring   Spring, PA. This gracious offer was accepted by the Temple Association with the hope that in the near future a new Temple will be constructed. 

From a humble beginning on August 19, 1875, with twelve charter members, Woodbury Lodge has grown to a membership of 415, as of December 27, 1974. During that period, it has been served by 97 Worshipful Masters.

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